MLB – Whos Worse, the Cards or the Yanks?

Can you believe that someone can write a title like that and NOT be kidding. But there you have it. Two of the best franchises in baseball—the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees—are struggling to stay out of the cellar in their respective divisions. The Yankees are just about looking up at Tampa Bay and the Cardinals are looking up at the Pittsburgh Pirates!True, it was forecasted that things were changing in both the AL East and NL Central, but no one foresaw such a topsy-turvy turnaround. Is the universe completely out of kilter? Did Nostradamus foretell of such happening? Is the world about to come to and end?

Ah…… no.

Pitching. Yeah. That’s one problem for both teams.

Also, some hitting would help here too.

During the playoffs, everyone thought it was going to be the Cardinals versus the Yankees at first. It made sense. Of course, the Tigers had something to say about that. This season, entire divisions are having their say and making their way past both of these clubs.

True we are only one-third of the way through the season. “There’s still,� as the cliché goes, “a lot of baseball left to play.� But can either team be fixed in order to make them competitive.

The hitting will most likely take care of itself. It usually does, unless some of these guys that are underperforming are fighting injuries. Then it’s much tougher to get all the bats flying.

Pitching never takes care of itself. It’s the most proactive part of baseball for managers, coaches and front office folks.

Maybe these teams need to ring up Nostradamus to get a lead on the next 18-years old phenom who can save one of these club’s seasons? Well… the probably need two or three machine-like rocket arms with pinpoint accuracy.

Start making those early tee reservations, guys. None of you are going to Disney World this year.

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