It’s a Good Friday

Coach K is absolutely ridiculous. Did you catch his whining and ranting at his press conference today? What a baby. One of the papers in Indianapolis featured an article about the fact was a team that many, many people love to hate – a fact that is undeniably true. To illustrate the article, the coach was depicted with blue devil’s horns and a target on his forehead. Krzyzkewski spent far, far too long at the media gathering complaining about how juvenile the whole thing was, and how his grandkids are apparently horrified. Now, here’s the thing, Mike – you coach a team called the freaking Blue Devils. Therefore, depicting you as a devil with blue horns, while not necessarily the highest form of humor, just makes sense. The target makes sense, too – they are the only No. 1 seed remaining, and the team that everyone remaining would most like to beat. So, Coach K spending so much time complaining and being outraged was, well, juvenile. Man do I hope Duke loses.

I can’t decide if watching the Nuggets self-destruct is entertaining or sad. They should be one of the two best teams in the West heading into the payoffs, but they can’t win all of a sudden, and hey just can’t all get along. The ridiculousness was taken to a whole new level on Thursday thanks to an April Fool’s prank gone awry. Kenyon Martin’s keys were taken from his locker by a former ballboy who now drives for J.R. Smith. The chauffeur then filled Martin’s car with popcorn. Funny? Apparently not. Martin found out what happened, came back into the dressing room, threatened players at random, vowed to beat the hell out of whoever dd it, the threatened to boycott the playoffs if no one owned up to the stunt. Apparently acting juvenile is a recurring theme today.

I’m not surprised that Evan Turner has been named AP Player of the Year, and I certainly think he deserves the honor. What does surprise me, though, is how much he won by – he got 54 of 65 votes, with John Wall in second with just nine votes. That’s an overwhelming margin – especially if you consider that Turner missed time with that back injury. There seems to be more and more of a sense that Turner could wind up as the number one pick – not that’s he’s favored to do so, but that he could be a better fit and less of a gamble for some teams than Wall. It will be interesting to watch.

Kobe Bryant received a three year extension from the Lakers today. In equally shocking news, the sun rose in the east this morning.

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