I Didn’t Want To Accept The Inevitable

I knew deep down that it was probably the inevitable truth, but I never really wanted to accept it. Mark McGwire is my favorite all-time baseball player who isn’t a pitcher. In fact, he’s probably my second favorite athlete of all time – the first is unquestionably Nolan Ryan. Needless to say, then, today’s news isn’t the best thing I have ever heard. If you have missed it, McGwire came clean on the fact that he had used steroids during his career, and that he did them off and on for ten years. He also used human growth hormones. Not surprisingly, McGwire admitted that he was juiced out of his mind as he shattered Roger Maris’ record and redefined home run glory forever. Brutal.

Baseball has made a total mockery of the last 20 years of the game. We obviously and unfortunately can’t trust any record or accomplishment that has happened over that period, and we clearly can’t take the word of any player who played in that era regardless of what they say. It all makes me more than a little sick. Brutal. Really brutal.

Baseball is really the only sport that could be significantly damaged by steroids because it is the only one that gives so much respect to records and statistics. It’s some cruel trick of fate, then, that baseball is the sport that has been most significantly impacted by steroids.

Have I mentioned that this all makes me a little sick? Actually, a lot sick.

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