If you enjoy the work we do here and would like to see similar work posted for your readership we can likely work out a partnership between our 2 websites.

Our company employs a handful of skilled writers all knowledgeable in just about every sport topic available. Articles can be written from a betting perspective or not include any reference to gambling at all. The choice is yours.

Whether we write about a current topic or long tail content, we can tailor any article to fit your readerships knowledge of the topic at hand. Game previews, team previews, tournament previews, or anything odds, picks, and betting related are possible ideas.

What is the cost you ask? All we ask in return is for credit for the work and citation back to our website as author of the work.

If you believe that our articles would be a good fit on your website, please email us your website url as well as what you would like us to write about and we will contact you with a time frame as to when the work would be completed.

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