Happy Thanksgiving, or Columbus Day

If you are an American then I guess you are celebrating Columbus Day today. I have no idea what you do for that day – play a couple of afternoon hockey games and not much else, I guess. Up here in Canada it’s Thanksgiving, so as I write this I am fighting very hard to keep my eyes open because I am so full of turkey that I am about to explode. Ahhhh, tryptophan.Whatever the occasion, best wishes.

Once I got home from dinner I settled down to watch the football game. It’s not over yet, but with five minutes left the Dolphins are up by 4. What strikes me more than anything else in this game is that Chad Henne is for real. It won’t be a smooth, meteoric rise, but the Jets have thrown some interesting twists at him defensively, and he has handled them brilliantly – 17 of 21 for 207 yards and a TD as I write this. His decision making process, his accuracy, and his yards per attempt of almost 10 are all signs that he is a legitimate pro. Whether they win or not tonight, or really do much this season, I think that there is at least a solid chance that the Dolphins have legitimately found their QB of the future – or at least the next few years. He might not be a Brady or a Manning, but I see him as a top ten QB in the next year or two.

My Calgary Flames got out to an incredibly impressive 5-0 lead in Chicago tonight. It all happened in about five minutes in the first period starting at the six minute mark. There was only one problem – they took the rest of the game off. It was 5-1 at the end of the first, 5-4 after two, and the Hawks ultimately won it in overtime. Truly pitiful. Beyond the frustration, this is a good example of how hard it can be to handicap a team early on in a season after they get a new coach. BrentSutter is doing good things with this team, but he has required a lot of change from this team, and it obviously hasn’t entirely taken root yet. This is not the first time this year that the team has played well for a while but has been unable to maintain it. Sooner or later the message is going to get through and this team will play with more consistency, but until that happens trusting them, or betting on them, will be a harrowing experience.

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