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There are some funny stories in the news today if you are a sports geek – and if you read sites like this then you are a sports geek.

1. Hue Jackson, Baltimore’s quarterback coach last year, has skipped an interview to become the offensive coordinator of the Bears to instead take the job with the Raiders. Why is this funny? Well, when Jay Cutler joined the Bears last year it was talked about like automatic Super Bowls had been given to the Bears. Now, just one disastrous year later, a coach would rather work with the worst drafted quarterback in recent memory on a team that is an absolute disaster in every way with a head coach who punches out his assistants than take over the job of guiding Cutler and his offense. Ouch. The funniest part is that it really isn’t a bad decision. Sucks to be a Bears fan right now.

2. If you haven’t already booked your flights to Vancouver for the Olympics then this is the news that will get you jumping into action. Each night during the medal presentations at Whistler there will be musical entertainment. The last of those acts has been officially confirmed today – it’s Devo, the musical refugees from the 1980’s that brought us the annoyingly catch song ‘Whip it’. I listen to a lot of music, and I had absolutely no idea that these guys were still a band. Now that I know that they are still alive I still can’t figure out why we needed to see them. Odd choice. And no, it’s not a Canadian thing – I promise you that all Canadians don’t still listen to crap like that.

3. There are some at least somewhat believable reports out there that Elin Nordgren has been staying at Brett Favre’s ranch in Mississippi while stopping by Tiger’s sex addiction clinic. There are a hundred levels of bizarre-ness in that story. I especially love the thought of Brett and Elin sitting up late at night discussing his football future.

4. Jim Thome just won’t take the hint. He practically begged the White Sox to take him back at any price this year, but they didn’t want him. Now the best he could find is an incentive-heavy contract that could top out at just over $2 million with the Twins – a team that already has a left handed DH. The sooner you pack it in, Jim, the sooner you get to Cooperstown.

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