Free NBA Picks: Selected Player Prop Bets for Tonight Nov. 26

Zach Randolph should have no problem tonight against Golden State.
Well, last night of player prop bets predictions brought 6 of 9 correct.  Tonight I have selected mostly “OVER” lines for eight players.  Here’s a look at the player prop bets for this evening, bets and odds are taken from Bodog.

Antawn Jamison  Over/Under 12.5 ppg  VS Orlando

OVER.  In both of his last two games against Orlando (both last season), Jamison scored 19 points.  While his average is 11.5 this year, and he scored only 6 points Wednesday against Milwaukee, something (and I’m thinking that “something” is Rashard Lewis) about the Magic always brings out the best in Jamison.  Moreover, though he has been a disappointment thus far this year, he was a legit 20/10 player in Washington before coming to Cleveland, and you have to figure his numbers are going to go up as the year progresses.

Dwight Howard  Total Pts+Rebs  34  VS Cleveland

UNDER.  I’m predicting Howard gets some rest tonight in favor of Marcin Gortat, as I don’t think this game is going to be particularly close.  If Howard sees in the 26-29 minute range, I think his pt+reb total will be around 28 or 29.

Luis Scola Total Pts+Rebs 31.5 vs Charlotte

OVER.  Last game against Charlotte, Scola went for only 12 & 9.  But that was last year.  Scola has emerged as the Rocket’s number one scorer this year and is a candidate for the Most Improved award so far.  Tonight, playing against the overweight and out of shape Boris Diaw, I expect Scola to fully capitalize on this one and put up some huge numbers in what will likely be a Rockets victory.

Jose Calderon Total Pts+Asts 14.0  vs Boston

OVER.  Calderon is finally getting his opportunity again, given the departure of former starter Jarrett Jack.  Many fans may have a short term memory loss, but before Calderon went into the doghouse a season and a half ago, he was putting up huge numbers.  Last game against Philly he went for 16 pts and 9 asts, and he has exceeded 14 ast+pts in three of the last four games (since the Jarrett Jack trade).  I think this is a pretty easy over.

Drew Gooden Total Pts 11.5 vs Detroit

OVER.  Given his season average of 11.3, it’s easy to see why the total is set at 11.5 by Bodog. However, what they have failed to take into account is his recent play.  In six of his last eight games, Gooden has exceeded 11.5 ppg.  In fact, in those six games, he has scored 16 or more in all of them.  Detroit’s frontline is pretty weak, and if Villanueva sees significant minutes, all the better for Gooden, as Charlie V. is a pretty poor defender.

Jrue Holiday  Total Pts+Asts 20.5  vs Miami

OVER.  Jameer Nelson absolutely destroyed Miami point guard Carlos Arroyo last game, and Holiday is as good or better than Nelson.  Point guards are having big games against Arroyo and Jrue exceeded the total last game, as I predicted he would in my last player prop article.  Jrue strugged opening night against Miami, but it was before he found his flow, and since after the first two games, he has played significantly better, and the poor games he had in the first two are negatively impacting his season stats.

Roy Hibbert Total Pts+Rebs 26 vs Oklahoma City

OVER.  Oklahoma City’s starting center is Nenad Krstic, who is certainly sub par as starting centers go.  Hibbert is coming off a head injury.  This could be looked at one of two ways:  a) He will be rusty from the time off, or b) his legs will be fresh.  Likely it will be a combination of the two, but as the game progresses, he’ll probably play better and better.  His season average for Pts+Rebs is 24.7.  Both of his two prior games were total disasters, but prior to those games he had five consecutive games of 26 total or more.

Zach Randolph Total Pts+Rebs 33 vs Golden State

OVER.  Randolph has been a tear and playing against Golden State brings out the best statistics in everyone.  He exceeded to total in his past two games, against Detroit and Miami, both of whom play a slower pace and are much tougher defensive teams.  Expect a big night from Randolph, possibly in the range of 38 Pts+Rebs.

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