Four Things Catching My Eye

I was just about ready to count out the Rays. They were going to make the playoffs, but I was seriously doubting that they would do anything once they got there. But then the last two game happened. Twice they got into tight spots against the Red Sox, and twice they found a way to win. It wasn’t easy, either. The first time they had to beat Jonathan Papelbon. That rarely happens. The second time around they hung around in a 1-1 game until the 14th before erupting for three runs. I’m still not viewing the Rays as my favorites, but they keep showing guts that I wasn’t sure they had, and that will be very useful in the playoffs.

I’m generally not one to overestimate the impact of injuries or panic when a player gets knocked out, but as a guy who was looking forward to betting the Saints this year I am worried about the Marques Colston injury. He’s been by far the favorite target of Drew Brees, and losing a target like that can be hard for a guy to get over. New Orleans has lots of receivers, but none that obviously can step up and fill the gap left by Colston. That being said, Colston emerged from basically nowhere, so who knows what could happen. It’s about time that Robert Meachem started to earn his millions. The injury won’t turn me off of the team, but it will probably make me pass on them next week until I see what happens. On the other hand, I’m not sure it matters who is at receiver when they play the Redskins given how Washington looked in their first game.

The Pirates secured their 16th consecutive losing season today. How is that possible? How has the team not folded? How has someone not bombed the team’s headquarters? That’s the most ridiculous, incomprehensible stat I have ever seen.

Manny Ramirez may be the best deadline acquisition ever. He’s hitting the lights out, and the team can’t lose with him. They are running away from the Diamondbacks, and the playoffs are theirs for the taking. Man Ram will bring a very interesting element to the playoffs as well – something that the NL is going to need since the Mets are dreary, the Cubs are slumping badly, and the Brewers are only fearsome when Sabathia is pitching.

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