Four Things About Michael Vick

He’s reinstated, so that means we need to talk about him – even if we are already sick of doing so. Here are a few things that I’m thinking about:

– I think that it’s a bit ridiculous that Vick is suspended for at least five more games. I have written a few times before about how I don’t understand Roger Goodell’s burning desire to be a higher moral authority than the courts or the higher powers. I strongly believe that Vick had to pay a debt to society for what he did. I also think that he has paid that debt in a pretty significant way – both in terms of time and financial impact. He deserves everything that has happened to him, but I don’t understand why Goodell feels like the league needs to exact another pound or two of flesh when Vick has already paid a massive debt. The punishment needs to fit the crime and all that, but I don’t understand why Goodell believes that the football punishment must significantly exceed the societal punishment

– That being said, the punishment could have been worse. Vick could join a team right away and can participate fully with the team with the exception of playing in games for the first five weeks. That’s what Vick needed to stand a chance of contributing at all this year, and it’s really not a terrible thing because he was very unlikely to play any meaningful minutes in the first month of the season anyway.

– I have never liked Vick as a quarterback. I was critical of him in college, I was critical when he was drafted, and I was very critical of his professional play. All that being said, if I was in charge of a team I would jump on signing him. He’ll come at a significant bargain, you can write his contract with an easy escape clause f he misbehaves, and you won’t have to commit to him for the long term. He seems to be truly remorseful for what he has done. If that is even somewhat true, and if he has found some much-needed maturity, than he certainly has the raw talent and athletic ability to help a team out. He also hasn’t played in a couple of years, so his body will be healthy and sound. I don’t see him as a starter right away, or perhaps ever, but he could be a very intriguing alternate look for a team, and could even be used as something other than a QB. I definitely think he is worth any potential downside risk, and I suspect a lot of teams will see it that way and start pursuing him.

– My gut tells me that he’s going to be a good NFL citizen when given the chance. In this case, though, I think my gut is prepared for some potential disappointment. If he isn’t a truly model citizen then it should definitely be one strike and you’re out.

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