Four Guys Who Piss Me Off

I don’t know what it is tonight, but I am feeling testy. Annoyed. Short fused. I had a lot of vegetables with dinner. Maybe that’s the problem. Whatever it is, as I have been browsing through the sports betting news tonight a few things as stuck out to me as particularly grating:

Tony Dungy
– The Colts’ coach said today that his star QB will be ready for the regular season opener. He may even be ready to play in the preseason. There’s nothing wrong with that specifically, and it may even be true. It’s just that Dungy drives me absolutely nuts, and it especially annoys me that he has been elevated to such a position by the media that I can’t dislike him without being a truly awful guy.

Marvin Lewis – This guy is easily the worst coach who has never been fired. Today he came out and ’emphatically’ stated that the Bengals wouldn’t welcome Chris Henry back to the team. That’s fine – Henry is probably more trouble than it’s worth. It’s just that Lewis was so self-righteous about it when under his watch his entire team has been arrested about six times each, and he has wasted more offensive talent than most coaches ever see in their lives. Lewis is so bad that if he had any shame at all he would give Chris Henry his job and go get himself a job as a waiter at Olive Garden.

The Favre debacle – There were more developments on the Brett Favre front today. I just don’t know what they were. I am so sick of the whole thing that I just want to puke. The whole ridiculous Packers’ organization should thank there lucky stars that I am not the President, because if I had an air force I swear that I would blow the whole city of Green Bay off the map, and have my boys drop their left over bombs in Mississippi just to be sure.

Plaxico Burress
– Burress is upset because the Giants won’t pay him more. He has three years left on a six year deal, but he wants more. He now says that he will come to camp, but that he isn’t going to be happy about it. What a moron. The deal he signed was good enough when he signed it, and the guys who are getting big deals now have one thing in common – they are all better than Burress. I’d rather that Burress just hold out and go away then show up and whine to anyone who will listen that he’s grossly disrespected because he only makes $4 million a year.

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