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Dumb, Dumber, and Still Dumber

I’m beginning to think that Donovan McNabb is stupid. Not just sort of stupid, either – cripplingly stupid. how else could you explain his suggestion to the Redskins that they sign Terrell Owens. There are about a million things wrong with that suggestion. McNabb and Owens were oil and water last time around. McNabb really […]

Basketball, Basketball, and More Basketball

LeBron James is gong to get a title this year if he has to win it single-handedly. His efforts in the fourth quarter tonight couldn’t have been any more impressive. The pesky Bulls were tied heading into the fourth quarter, and they were causing real problems for the Cavs. They were only up by three […]

Playoffs, Georgia, and Ginn

I just can’t get over the contrast between the two playoffs that are ongoing. The NHL is totally haywire. The first seven series all started 1-1, and the eighth appears headed that way. Good teams have looked bad, and bad teams have looked great, and nothing is really making a whole lot of sense as […]

Five Bold NBA Playoff Predictions

1. There won’t be an upset throughout the playoffs – There is a big talent gap in the NBA. I don’t see an upset that is likely in the first round, and the standings lay out in such a way that the higher seeded team will be the better team if everything plays out as […]

Jerry Rice Is No Phil Mickelson

Remember a couple of days ago when I mentioned that Jerry Rice was trying to be a professional golfer, and he insisted it wasn’t just a publicity stunt? Turns out that he’s either delusional or a liar. After the first round of the Nationwide Tour event yesterday he is a stunning 20 shots off the […]

Miami Steals, and Underdogs Rule

I absolutely love the Brandon Marshall deal – a true win-win for both teams. Denver obviously had to get rid of him, and getting two second round picks for him is impressive value all things considered. You’d like to get equivalent value, but that just doesn’t happen in the NFL. For Miami it’s a masterstroke. […]

The NBA is Ridiculous!

The NBA as a league is often ridiculous, but they have reached a whole new low with their latest move. Dell Curry is a broadcaster for the Charlotte Bobcats so he is able to vote for the league’s awards. He’s also the father of Stephen Curry, the likely second place finisher in the Rookie of […]

Damn You, Kansas City!!!

For the most part  don’t watch most games that I bet on. I just find it too stressful and frustrating, and I find that it can affect my mindset for games going forward if things don’t go well. I had a perfect reminder of why that is this afternoon when I watch the Tigers game. […]

Frustration, And A Stupid Rule

I have just gone through an incredibly frustrating experience – something that fans in many cities are going to be forced to go through over the next couple of days. My hometown Calgary Flames didn’t make the playoffs, so their season is now over, and it was time for the President and GM of the […]

Phil Has One Heckuva Day

Making bold predictions is a necessity for what I do. I’m not always right, of course, but that’s to be expected, and usually you get over it pretty quickly. Every once in a while, though, something happens that is truly bizarre – something that you not only weren’t expecting, but that you were so certain […]

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