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Kentucky Derby Preview – Live Longshots

This is a very strange Kentucky Derby field. Most years there are several top level contenders, and the challenge is to figure out which one is going to rise to the occasion. This year there are just three horses that seem to be elite – Eskendereya being the best by far, with Lookin at Lucky […]

Kentucky Derby Preview – The Jockeys

The jockeys are a huge factor in the Derby – more than almost any other race. With the field so large, the crowd massive and loud, and the horses young an relatively inexperienced, a jockey can make the difference between a winning effort and a disappointing one. That means that jockeys, and their match to […]

Kentucky Derby Preview – The Pletcher Factor

Over the next few days I’ll be traveling to watch the Derby, so I won’t be around to update each day. Up until the big race goes on Saturday, then, I have prepared a few previews to get you ready for the greatest two minutes in sports. I’m doing this a few days in advance, […]

World Cup First Look – No-Hopers

For this last of three days of World Cup previews we’re going to look at high profile teams that I’m just not buying into. Some people might argue that these teams could surprise us all and win the tournament, but I think they just have too many flaws – some of them fatal – to […]

World Cup First Look – Live Contenders

Today we’re going to look at five teams that have the potential to win it all at the World Cup, but only if they are absolutely flawless and the top teams ahead of them have a bad month: Italy (12/1) – You have to give Italy serious respect because they are the defending champions. They […]

World Cup First Look – The Main Contenders

We’re going to be talking about the World Cup a lot in a couple of months because it’s the most exciting betting opportunity of this summer. We’ll leave the detail until closer to the event, but over the next three days we’re going to take an initial look at how the tournament plays out. Today […]

Late Round NFL Draft Gems

My favorite part of the draft are the stories of the guys who don’t get any attention from the scouts, but who go on to have fantastic careers. Here are five nfl picks who could fill that role this year: 1. Armanti Edwards, QB, Appalachian State – It’s very doubtful that this guy will be […]

Today’s Potential Draft Bargains

Here are five guys that will likely go today who should make their teams and nfl gamblers very happy: 1. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas – There has been little talk of him in the first round, but there really should have been. He’s a better player than Clausen in my eyes – more athletic, a […]

Five First Rounders I Really Love, And Three I Don’t

All NFL Draft, all the time the next three days. The title make’s today’s offering self-evident: Guys I Love 1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma – What’s not to like about this guy. He was brilliant from the very start at Oklahoma, and he has the look of a guy who can take that to the […]

Baseball Is Beautiful

Baseball is such a great sport. People who don’t get it and don’t love it will complain that the season goes on two long, that the players aren’t really athletes, or that it’s boring and uncompetitive. Those people just aren’t willing to embrace baseball for what it is – a factory for strange and amazing […]

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