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Sweet, Sweet Sunday!

Wow. Just wow. What a day of basketball. What a weekend of basketball. Friday was just okay, but the other three days were all but perfect. I have to start with Cornell. I have had several hours to think about what I saw in that game, and I’m still not sure that I believe it. […]

Saturday, What a Day!

There is still one  more day of games to play this weekend, so there is a chance that this can change. As of right now, though, the image that is going to stick in my mind for years to come when I think about the first weekend of this tournament is the late three pointer […]

Friday’s Tournament Action

Thoughts and opinions added throughout Friday’s first round action: – I love Xavier. This is a program that deserves more credit than they have received. This is their ninth tournament berth in the last 10 years, and in the last six years they made the Sweet Sixteen twice and the Elite Eight once. No matter […]

Thursday’s Tournament Action

Through the day I’ll add what I see and like: -Every time I see Jimmer Fredette’s name I assume it’s a misprint. That’s one awkward name. – Villanova is a mess. They are down by six at the half to Robert Morris. I assume that they’ll win this one,  but they are not long for […]

NCAA Tournament Preview – East and South

East Region This region comes down to precisely one thing – do you buy into the hype about John Wall and Demarcus Cousins? Kentucky comes into this region as the best team, and they are in a good position to make the Final Four and beyond, but only if their fab freshmen are as good […]

NCAA Tournament Preview – West and Midwest

Midwest Region The more I think about this region, the more interesting I find it. I still believe two things that are central to this region – that Kansas is the best team in this region, and one of the two best teams in this tournament. The challenges that Kansas faces in this tough group, […]

Monday Notes

Tomorrow and Wednesday we’ll be taking a closer look at the brackets region-by-region, and one Thursday and Friday we’ll check in throughout the day with observations from the games. Today, though, we’ll just hit a few notes from around the sporting world before we forget that all other sports exist for a couple of days:

The Bracket – First Thoughts

1. Somebody out there loves Duke. It’s certainly not me – I hate them. They have probably the easiest path to the Final Four. Their number two, Villanova, forgot how to win down the stretch and is probably seeded too high. Baylor is fun to watch, but probably in over their head as a three […]

Conspiracies, Pain, and a Moron

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but if I were I would be looking at the Mountain West conference as prime territory of interest after yesterday. Going into the conference tournament there were two teams n the conference – New Mexico and BYU – that were stone cold locks to make the NCAA tournament. UNLV and […]

Potential Cinderellas?

I don’t know about you, but all I can think about now is the bracket. I’m just counting the seconds until the bracket comes out – two days and counting. It’s hard to make any real predictions about what will happen until we see where teams are seeded and who they play, but I just […]

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