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Fast, Faster, and Twisty-Turny-High-ness

Olympic Bet of the Day – We got back to the winning ways thanks to the dominance of Lindsey Vonn. She paid off at even money (less by post time), so she netted me $100. That means I’m down just $125 and climbing. Happy days are ahead. To try to keep up the winning spirit […]

Flying Downhill and Scoring Goals

Olympic Bet of the Day – Another close call – Switzerland lost a very close game by a single point. As we all know, though, close calls aren’t great for the pocketbook. I’m now down $225 on this mythical pursuit of Olympic profits. I’ll get it back, though. Today I am going to make a […]

Kansas, UConn, and Curling

Olympic Bet of the Day – We came darned close yesterday – our Japanese skater finished second by a very small margin. That means that we are down $125 after three days of betting. We’re going to get it back today by betting on women’s curling. I may get my passport taken away here because […]

Sprinters and Potholes

Olympic Bet of the Day – Yesterday didn’t go particularly well – the biathlon favorite limped to a pathetic 17th place finish. Unimpressed. That means that I am down $25 after two days based on betting $100 per day. Today we are going to go with the most powerful sprint of the games – the […]

Biathlon and Boring Dunks

Olympic Bet of the Day – Because everything is a competition, I’m going to put a mythical $100 per day on these Olympic bets and keep score. Feel free to make your own bets in the comments along the way. Things started out well on this front when Simon Ammann took down the ski jumping […]

Skills and Ski Jumping

Olympic Bet of the Day – The first medal presented is scheduled to be in ski jumping, so it’s only fitting that it’s also our first pick. Pinnacle is the only place I have seen odds for the event so far. They list two jumpers – Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer at +243 and Simon Ammann of […]

It’s Friday!!!!!!!!

Programming note – Each day of the Olympics I’ll be posting an Olympic bet of the day. There will be some hockey, of course, but we’ll also throw in everything from biathlon to bobsled. It should be good fun, and hopefully it’s not too terribly unprofitable. The first medals will be awarded tomorrow, so keep […]

Thursday Notes – Injuries, Cheaters, and Fast Horses

I thought it was the Pro Bowl that was cursed with a ridiculous number of injuries, but now it seems as if it is just all-star games in general this year. The Pro Bowl had more than 30 players who were chosen but didn’t show up, and most were due to real or fake injuries. […]

Wednesday Night Notes

I know that not everyone is a hockey fan – we can’t all be Canadian. More people would be, though, if they watched games like the Montreal – Washington game tonight. I only caught the third period and the overtime, but it was amazing. Washington was going for their 15th consecutive win. They fell behind […]

Tuesday Notes

I’m fairly confident that there is going to be a Big Ten team in the Final Four. There isn’t a lot of depth there this year, but they have three very good teams at the top. I’m not sure which one of the teams is going to be the finalists, but we got a pretty […]

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