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Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Olympic Bet of the Day – Wow, that was frustrating. I won the first three legs of my parlay, and after two periods of the hockey game Slovakia was up 3-1 and cruising. The reason I picked them in the game was because they closed so strong against Canada, while Finland collapsed under pressure. Contrary […]

MJ, Tennessee, and The Last Full Day of Olympics

Olympic Bet of the Day – Another day of coming close. I won three of the four events I played and was only let down by Canada’s women curlers. Losing at curling doesn’t make me happy, but I am happy to forgive considering my boys will be playing for gold – and kicking the crap […]

Big Men and Tiny Figure Skaters

Olympic Bet of the Day – If you put a bunch of monkeys in a room of typewriters you’ll get a book eventually, and if you let an idiot pick parlays long enough he’ll eventually hit a winner. With Yu-Na Kim’s dominating win of the figure skating I clinched my first parlay win of the […]

Gold Medal Dreams are Alive!

Olympic Bet of the Day – This has been a continued lesson in why I don’t bet parlays on a regular basis. On most days I have had a winning percentage – yesterday it was four of five – but I haven’t made a cent on parlays because I have yet to sweep one. Frustrating, […]

Sore Bodies and a Sorry Bettor

Olympic Bet of the Day – You know you’re not running hot when your parlay is derailed because the best speedskater in the world forgets what lane he is supposed to be in and gets disqualified. I’ll keep throwing good money after bad and try yet again to get out ahead. I’m $542 down in […]

Tomlinson, Toronto, Tournament, and The Olympics

Olympic Bet of the Day – Alright, enough fooling around – it’s time to do some winning. Like my fellow Canadians I am underperforming so far during these Olympics, but like my Canadians I plan to close strong. We’re going to start this road back to redemption with a nice, hopefully winning, five event parlay. […]

Hockey is a Stupid, Stupid Sport

Olympic Bet of the Day – That was just a bad, bad day all-round. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Tomorrow is the quietest day of the games, and absolutely nothing of interest pops out, so the bet of the day is going to be to not make a bet. Tuesday’s a much […]

T-Mac and Olympic Profits

Olympic Bet of the Day – I knew that there was a reason I don’t typically play parlays. I threw in the curling yesterday because they were the two games I felt most sure of. They were the only ones I lost. Annoying. These parlays are a lot of fun, though, so I’m going to […]

Curling and Antawn Jamison In The Same Article

Olympic Bet of the Day – I had an easy win yesterday – I needed Finland to win by three goals, and they win by six. That means a modest profit of $83 on the day, and a loss up to this point of $242. Not great, but not bad all things considered. Today there […]

Trading and Crashing

Olympic Bet of the Day – Lindsey Vonn ruined it all for me today. Things were looking good on both bets, but then her ski went on the wrong side of a slalom gate, she hit the ground hard, and my dreams of profits died. The worst part about it was that she was clearly […]

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