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I Hate The Pro Bowl!

I really, really, really hate the Pro Bowl. Total waste of time, and totally pointless as a handicapping exercise. Here are 10 reasons why: 1. It’s boring. Name the last time that there was an exciting Pro Bowl. You can’t because it has never happened. 2. No one cares. Not the players, the coaches, the […]

A Messy, Pointless Battle

Today is Hockey Day in Canada, the once yearly day when all six Canadian NHL teams play other Canadian teams, and when the CBC, the NHL broadcaster in Canada, shows all of the games and makes a big deal of it. It’s a made-for-TV event, but one that works reasonably well. Unfortunately, this game also […]

Friday Notes

News of note as we head into an uncharacteristically slow weekend of sporting action: Minnesota Vikings’ fans are not going to be happy. The NFL has admitted today that the play in which Favre hurt his ankle in the third quarter was called incorrectly. Favre threw an interception on the play, though New Orleans didn’t […]

Trolling The Internets

I spend a lot of time on the Internet. A lot of time. Probably too much time. While I am spending a lot of time reading about sports, I also spend a fair bit of time looking around for good resources to learn about sports betting. As you probably know if you have looked for […]

Wednesday Notes – Lots Going On

There is a whole lot going on out there today, so we’ll quickly touch on a bunch of them: 1. Roger Federer – Federer closed strong last night to make the semi-finals of the Australian Open. Win or lose, it is the 23rd consecutive Grand Slam he has made at least the semi’s in. Just […]

Funny Stuff

There are some funny stories in the news today if you are a sports geek – and if you read sites like this then you are a sports geek. 1. Hue Jackson, Baltimore’s quarterback coach last year, has skipped an interview to become the offensive coordinator of the Bears to instead take the job with […]

Monday’s Random Notes

Glen Davis says that he doesn’t want to be called Big Baby anymore. Instead, in honor to both his jersey and a certain Cincinnati wide receiver, he wants to be known as Uno Uno. I think he is missing out on one part in the whole issue – that he is a big baby. Davis […]

Questioning the NFL Championship games

Five questions I have been asking myself about each of today’s games: Jets (+7.5) at Colts 1. Will Sanchez’ weak play be a liability? I think that underwhelming play from Sanchez is a given – he hasn’t been particularly good in a long, long time. So far in the playoffs the coaching staff has been […]

Let’s Talk Olympics

I’m watching figure skating right now. My wife is a big fan, so I have to watch far more than my share of the sport each winter. It only barely interests me, but as I watch today I can’t help but think about the betting opportunities that the Olympics bring up. Figure skating is not […]

Friday Notes

I’m not sure that I have seen a player as desperate to get rid of a decent player as the Angels were with Gary Matthews Jr. today. Matthews had two years and $23 million left on his deal. He hasn’t lit the world on fire at the plate in the last three years with the […]

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