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Friday Notes

What a strange game Kentucky won last night. They scored 102 points to beat Sam Houston State, but they let the Bearkats score 92 points. That’s a bit disturbing, but it’s hardly the strangest part of this game. Kentucky used just four bench players in the game, and those players spent a total of just […]

Of Injuries and Benchings

Three big personnel moves occurred in the NFL yesterday, and each of them is worth a discussion: Ronnie Brown – The Dolphins’ impressive but fragile running back has been put on the IR, and that means he’s out for the season. This time it his right foot that is the problem. Back in 2007 it […]

Great College Basketball Action!

What a great day of college basketball we enjoyed last night. There was a lot to feast on and digest. Here’s a look at the five most interesting games played: Kansas and Memphis – Kansas got the win, but it was surprising difficult against a scrappy Memphis team. The Tigers get a lot of credit […]

So Long, Dick Jauron

The Bills did the inevitable thing today when they fired head coach Dick Jauron. He was just 3-6 this year and 24-33, in his career with the team after three straight 7-9 seasons. Jauron had no long term future with the team, and he had played his last ace when he fired offensive coordinator Turk […]

Monday Night Thoughts

Wow, Cleveland is bad. So, so, so bad. Brady Quinn isn’t the answer. Is there an answer? It was interesting watching the debut of John Wall in Kentucky tonight. It was pretty obvious why people are so excited about him – there is a lot of talent there. He turned it over too much, and […]

Ten Quick Thoughts From Sunday Afternoon

1. How in the world does anyone lose to Washington right now? Denver should be ashamed. It’s a sign of just how good Kyle Orton has been this year – the team self-destructed when he was hurt and the terrible Chris Simms had to take over. 2. We saw Chad Hene mature before our eyes […]

College Football Storylines

It’s another big weekend of college football action. Here are the storylines that are the most intriguing: Tennessee (+6) at Mississippi – The large majority of the bets have been on the Vols, but the line is on an elevator up – from 3.5 where it opened to six now. That isn’t what you would […]

Football – Looking Back, Then Looking Forward

I’m not sure that anyone out there is still cutting Jay Cutler any slack, but anyone who still is needs to stop it immediately after last night. There are a lot of excuses for why he is struggling – the team has no running game of note, their offensive line is deeply troubled, and they […]

NBA Thoughts Galore

The Hornets have become the first team to fire a coach this year by booting Byron Scott just a year and a half after he was named NBA Coach of the Year. The team had limped out to a 3-6 start, and two of those win hardly count because they were against the Clippers and […]

Checking In On The NBA

The Bulls lost a crushing game last night when their last second winning jumper was overturned after ten minutes of replay review. That has to hurt, but there were a couple of good Chicago notes to come out off the game. The first was that Derrick Rose continues to show how versatile and effective he […]

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