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Monday Notes

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at Florida State the last couple of days. Word is that Bobby Bowden is going to retire tomorrow. I have absolutely no doubt that he is doing the right thing – he has no business coaching anymore. That being said, I wasn’t expecting […]

Canadian Football Goodness

Today is the Grey Cup, the championship game of the Canadian Football League. It takes place in Calgary, and pits the Western Conference champs the Saskatchewan Roughriders against the Eastern camps, the Montreal Alouettes . The game is the most popular televised event in Canada each year, and the trophy that the winner will hoist […]

Saturday Storylines

Here’s the best of a relatively light day of college football: Oklahoma State (+8) at Oklahoma – It amazes me that the Cowboys are still getting as little respect as this line indicates given the seasons the two teams have had. This one really matters for the Cowboys, and only counts for pride for Oklahoma. […]

Looking Back on Turkey Day

There was a lot of good sports action yesterday. Here’s a look at the biggest stories to come out of the day: 1. Detroit has a long, long, long way to go. There were a couple of good things going on in their game against Green Bay, but not many. Matthew Stafford looks like a […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving from everyone here at We hope you have a great day watching football and basketball with your families, and eating enough food for 16 people. All the best!

Random Wednesday Notes

So, when do the Cavs admit that they made a mistake and try to do something about it? And what can they do? Shaq has now missed six games in a row with injury, and he has been a mere shadow of himself when he has played – 11.3 points and 6.9 boards. TheCavs made […]

A Couple of True MVPs

It’s impossible to have an issue with either of the MVPs named in baseball over the last two days. Rarely has the choice ever been so obvious in both leagues at the same time. The only shocking thing about it in the American League was that Joe Mauer wasn’t a unanimous winner. One moron didn’t […]

Looking Ahead to Thursday

I was looking ahead to Thursday’s Thanksgiving football games today when I had a few spare minutes, and something really jumped out at me – this could be a really, really bad day for sportsbooks . The public pays more attention to football on Thanksgiving day than on most days, and the fact that there […]

Bad Teams Doing Good Things

Ha! I knew if I kept doubting the Bengals for long enough they would come through for me. Losing to the Raiders? Really? People have been trying to paint the Bengals as an elite AFC team for a few weeks now, but you can’t be an elite AFC team and let the Raiders score 10 […]

Saturday’s Storylines

I am not looking forward to this day of college football. as a major Michigan fan this is normally my favorite day – the brilliant rivalry that is Michigan-Ohio State. This year I just face it with frustration and dread, though. Our team is lousy, we’re not bowl eligible, and we are more than likely […]

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