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What I Learned Sunday

1. Brett Favre has had a personality transplant. For the second straight game he played reasonably selfless team football, and it is working for him. He didn’t take any of the stupid risks that we have gotten used to, he settled for smaller plays that would have once driven him crazy, and he was stunningly […]

The Best Of College Football, Week 3

Here are the storylines that stand out for me this week in college football action: Eastern Michigan (+24) at Michigan – Isn’t everyone always endlessly fascinated every time Michigan plays? I know I am. If this one is even close I am going to be less than thrilled. Cal (-13.5) at Minnesota – Cal seems […]

Mayweather – Marquez Preview

For the first time in a long time, a UFC event is being overshadowed – in a very big way – by a good old boxing match. It’s not that surprising, really – UFC 103 is a lousy card full of less than captivating fights without headline names, while the boxing match features the return […]

Happy Birthday To Me

It’s  my birthday today. I am older than Tom Brady, but much younger than Brett Favre. I am at that age when you really start to cringe when you hear about a guy who has retired because he can’t physically do it anymore, and then you realize that he is younger than you. I could […]

Wednesday Baseball Notes

The Blue Jays seem determined to rip every shred of decency out of this season. It seems impossible to believe, but they were actually competitive back in April, and people thought for a while that they may be able to keep their act together. Instead, they have been the pathetic laughing stock of the league. […]

San Diego Over Oakland – What We Learned

That was a crazy game to end a crazy sporting Monday. There is, like the first game, a whole lot to digest in that one. Here are a few of those things: 1. Oakland played very straight forward defense, but it was shockingly effective for much of the game – The Chargers are supposed to […]

Monday Notes

I just finished watching that crazy New England game. There is a lot to digest there, and it will take a few days, and probably a second viewing, to digest it all. Tom Brady mostly looked pretty good, though he was tentative in the first half. It was amazing how many passes he threw, and […]

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Rich Rodriguez is a very good coach. And Charlie Weis is a very bad one. Alright, I’ll admit, I didn’t need to learn either thing – I was already certain of both. Notre Dame owned Michigan in the first half, but were only up by three at the break. Michigan made effective adjustments at […]

College Football Preview

Here are the weekend’s top college football stories as I see them: Iowa (-6) at Iowa State – The Hawkeyes started the season ranked, but they looked truly awful last weekend. Which team is the real Iowa? Western Michigan (+1.5) at Indiana – Same story with the Broncos – they were pretty terrible against Michigan, […]

NFL Preview – Part Two

MVP – Drew Brees. I expect him to put up huge numbers again. That plus a division win should be enough to earn the guy a sympathy win here. He’s of course vulnerable to any of the big quarterbacks – most notably Tom Brady – or a running back like Adrian Peterson who could shoot […]

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