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Notes From A Rainy Monday Night

Carson Palmer is well on his way to wasting even more of his impressive talent. He’s coming off a lost season thanks to elbow problems, and he isn’t exactly setting a positive tone now – he has already missed two days of practices since training camp started. It was only because of the flu, but […]

The National League After the All Star Break

Last week, I considered where teams were in the American League when it came to making the 2009 playoffs. In this blog, with less than 60 games left in the season, I take a look at the National League. Here’s the way that things are shaking down on the senior circuit. NL East The Philadelphia […]

The Injury Bug Bites Hard

Someone up there has a seriously twisted sense of humor. That’s really the only explanation for the three horrifically timed injuries in the NFL this weekend. First, in his first practice after Brett Favre’s continued retirement made him the likely Vikings’ starter, QB Tarvaris Jackson sprained his MCL . It doesn’t seem to be particularly […]

Random Thoughts

If Brett Favre were to fall off the face of the earth I wouldn’t miss him at this point. You have to be a seriously egotistical jackass to string a team along like he did for as long as he did before deciding to pack it in. I’m making a vow now – I absolutely […]

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