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MLB Trade Deadline Thoughts

J.P. Ricciardi is a moron. I really can’t believe that he couldn’t get a deal done for Roy Halladay. The Jays need prospects much more than they need an ace they can’t properly support. By being stubborn and uncooperative he has sunk the team’s best chance of being competitive a few years down the road. […]

Swimming Is Out Of Control

Wow, am I ever glad that people don’t bet on swimming. Or maybe people do, but only the real degenerates. What’s going on right now at the World Championships is that swimming has descended into being a total mockery of a sport, and they seem to have little interest in doing anything about it. It […]

Favre, Vick and other NFL QBs

Well, it’s been an interesting day in professional football for this weeks NFL picks. The hallmark story involves the legendary Brett Favre, who, at 39 years old, turned down the starting spot with Minnesota today. Additionally, QB Michael Vick is certainly a person of interest these days and there are a few other guys who […]

Nice Move, Charlotte (He Says Sarcastically)

I need to go back to the events of Monday for a second because there was a lot going on and I haven’t had a chance to hit on it yet. Specifically, I want to talk about the Charlotte Bobcats. They clearly seem to have lost their mind. I mean, I know Larry Brown is […]

The American League After the All Star Break

Each year in the second-half of the MLB season, some teams take off while others seem to simply falter. We’re now about 100 games into the season with 62 left to go. Here’s what’s happening in the AL. AL East In New York, New York, Yankee fans are riding high as the Bronx Bombers have […]

Four Things About Michael Vick

He’s reinstated, so that means we need to talk about him – even if we are already sick of doing so. Here are a few things that I’m thinking about: – I think that it’s a bit ridiculous that Vick is suspended for at least five more games. I have written a few times before […]

Monday Quick Hits

I was reminded of an incredible stat while reading Peter King this morning – at least five different NFL teams have made the playoffs after not making them the year before in each of the last 13 years. Considering that there are only 12 playoff teams that is truly incredible. The flip-side of that, of […]

Farewell, Tour de France

I’ve mentioned it a few times over the last three weeks, so if you read this blog the you have probably guessed I am a big fan of the race. I haven’t always been. I watched the last three or four Armstrong victories pretty closely, lost much of the interest when he retired, and became […]

Delaware Is The Battlefield

The major sports leagues in the U.S. are not just going to sit back and let Delaware legalize sports betting. They obviously fear that it would establish a dangerous precedent. If you haven’t followed it, here’s a quick summary – the state of Delaware has decided to legalize sports betting as a way to raise […]

Fighting and Cycling

The UFC scored a huge victory yesterday, and they didn’t even have to do anything. Former UFC fighter Josh Barnett was supposed to be in the main event of the next Affliction card against Fedor Emelianenko on August 1. Barnett was briefly a UFC heavyweight champion, but he was stripped of that title and booted […]

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