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Five Surprisingly Unprofitable Pitchers

Yesterday we looked at five pitchers who were much better at the betting window than the average baseball fan probably thinks that they are, so it only makes sense that we look at the other extreme today. Here are five guys who the public are probably fond of, but who are burning up money at […]

Five Surprisingly Profitable Pitchers

Every year at about this team I like to take a look at the stats to see the pitchers that have been very good to bettors. There are always several big names that you would expect -Halladay , Santana, and so on. What I find more interesting, though, are the players that no one is […]

A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That

I love college football for a lot of reasons, but one of them is how quickly things can change. Take Boston College, for example. Two years ago they were totally secure in their quarterback situation with Matt Ryan – probably the best QB in the country. Now their QB situation is an absolute shambles. It […]

NBA Championship Series Preview

It’s the 2008-2009 NBA Finals and this season sees the number three seed in the East, the Orlando Magic (59-23), meet the number one seed in the West, the Los Angeles Lakers (65-17). The Magic beat the Philadelphia 76ers in the initial round, the Boston Celtics in the second and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the […]

Monday Notes

Andy Roddick lost at the French Open today. What a shock. Actually, he got crushed. He lost in three decisive sets to hometown hero Gael Monfils. This victory sets up one heck of a quarterfinal match. Monfils has only dropped one set, and he’s playing as well as he ever has. His next opponent – […]

Deep in the Heart of MLB and Texas

Major League Baseball teams have each played about 53 games. About one-third of the regular-season has been played and here’s a quick sketch of what’s going on and a more detailed look at one team. NL East The Phillies and Mets are looking like they are for real once again. If the Mets don’t take […]

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