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A Cloudy Sunday Night

What a strange day of golf that was to watch. Ricky Barnes started out looking like he was totally unbeatable, and looked worse and worse as the day progressed. Mike Weir self-destructed like he is sadly prone to do. Phil Mickelson paired every thoroughly impressive hole with an equally awful one. David Duval looked like […]

Saturday Night Quick Notes

This US Open may never end. It’s reasonably entertaining, but it is so inconsistent and the weather is such a factor that there will be an asterisk the size of my head beside the name of whoever wins this one. At this rate Monday golf seems like a lock, and Tuesday could even be a […]

Some Thoughts on Infineon

The next Sprint Cup Series race will be held at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma as NASCAR runs the Toyota/SaveMart 350. The Sprint Cup standings are close at this point with the top drivers looking like this. Standings 1) Tony Stewart            2189 2) Jeff Gordon             2142 3) Jimme Johnson            2047 4) Kurt Bush                        […]

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

Put Formula 1 on death watch. Eight Formula 1 teams, including perennial powerhouse Ferrari and current season leader Brawn GP, have announced their intention to leave Formula 1 and start their own racing series next year. The issue is financial, but not in the way that you might expect. The ruling powers of F1 want […]

Thursday Night Notes

I think the NFL needs to tighten up their drug testing, because Chad OchoCinco is clearly high. He took the opportunity today to guarantee that the Bengals were going to make the playoffs. What? Which Bengals? Surely not the same ones we have seen the last couple of years. Marvin Lewis is still their coach, […]

Baseball, and a Little Golf

I was sad to see yesterday that Dontrelle Willis was held out of his next start. Nobody is saying it, but you have to imagine that it will be very hard for him to find his way back into the rotation. He showed some promise in his early starts, but he’s been getting increasingly ineffective […]

Sammy Sosa is a Druggie? Shocking!

So, Sammy Sosa is a ‘roid-head? It seems that some people have been surprised by this revelation today. To those people I have a few more shocking pieces of news – water is wet, it’s dark at night, and we are all going to die. In other words, this is the least shocking news ever. […]

Monday, Monday, Monday

Cal State Fullerton picked a very, very bad time to hit the skids. Not only were they the second seed in the College World Series, but they had a relatively easy draw as well – Arkansas is red hot, but they slumped badly heading into the postseason, and Virginia had never been in the CWS […]

Sunday Night Notes

With the end of the NBA Finals I am thankful for one thing – that we will never again have to hear talk about Kobe’s inability to win without Shaq . No more bad rap songs, no more experts yammering endlessly, no more mind-numbing talk about a ridiculous subject. The guy is clearly the best […]

It’s Saturday Night

What an incredible hockey game. Hockey doesn’t get nearly enough credit for being an exciting game, but if the games were always that exciting then it would be the most popular sport out there. It had all the intensity, drama, and intrigue you could possibly hope for and more. Pittsburgh is an amazing story, too. […]

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