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Portland Trail Blazers Versus Houston Rockets

In the first round of the NBA Western Conference playoffs, it will be the fourth seed Portland Trail Blazers (54-28) against the fifth seed Houston Rockets (53-29). The Rockets took the season series two games to one. Their one loss was a 101-99 OT contest. When they beat Portland, they did it by four and […]

Cleveland Cavaliers Versus Detroit Pistons

The first seed in the East, the Cleveland Cavaliers (66- 16), meet the eighth seed Detroit Pistons (39-43) in the first-round of the NBA Playoffs. In the four-game season series, the Cavs won three of four. The Cavaliers won seven of their last ten, while the Pistons, who finished the season under .500, lost three […]

Boston Celtics Versus Chicago Bulls

In the Eastern Conference, the second seed Boston Celtics (62-20) take on the seventh seed Chicago Bulls (41-41). In their three-game regular-season series, the Celtics were victorious twice. There is concern as Boston lost to Chicago in the final match-up by a score of 121-127. But Boston has been on a roll, winning eight of […]

It’s A Big News Morning

I woke up this morning to Breaking News alerts on the two major sports news sites I normally ready, and each one was a different story. One was wildly exciting, and the other was a confirmation of a gut feeling: John Madden has retired, effective immediately. This thrills me. My late mother taught me never […]

The NHL Playoffs Are Here

The NHL playoffs get underway tonight. As a Canadian I am legally obligated to be a hockey fan, so this is always a bit of an exciting time of year. I don’t think that there is a championship any harder for a team to win than the Stanley Cup. This should be a very good […]

The NFL Schedule Sees The Light

The NFL schedule was released tonight. I know that the league is masterful at making their league the story year around, but this seems to have been more of an event this year than I remember it being in the past. There’s only so much intrigue that can come from the schedule since you can […]

Monday Night Quick Hits

Kevin Garnett is being held out of action until the playoffs. The official story is that there is no point in playing him in two totally meaningless games, but I’m not buying it. Wouldn’t you want to have a chance to test your knee and your fitness before the games got intense? Wouldn’t you want […]

An Open Letter To Stephen Curry

Dear Stephen, You don’t know me, and you really have no reason whatsoever to listen to me, but I’m going to offer you some advice anyway. I hope you will listen to it because you know I am right – stay in school! You have another year of eligibility, and I beg you, implore you, […]

The Last Two Derby Preps

The Kentucky Derby is just three weeks away. After the last two prep races are run today all the horses will have run their last pre -Derby race, and we will start to get a good sense of what the field is going to look like. These last two prep races – the Blue Grass […]

Reality Strikes Baseball

Sports are supposed to be fun and light and happy – a diversion. Because of that, every time something like the death of Angels’ pitcher Nick Adenhart happens it is particularly jarring – unsettling. If you missed out, here’s the basic story. Adenhart , 22, was a young starting pitcher making his way up through […]

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