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What A Freaking Baby!

Jay Cutler is the biggest baby I have ever seen. The latest news on the Broncos’ QB front is that the team has given up and is going to trade their pivot before the draft. That news has apparently been confirmed by owner Pat Bowlen as well, so it is past the point of just […]

Monday Night Notes

This has not been a good preseason for pitchers. Johan Santana is behind schedule, Justin Duchscherer is out for a month or more, and we’re hearing even more today. Cole Hamels’ elbow isn’t recovering as quickly as they hoped it would, and he officially isn’t in contention to be the opening day starter anymore. His […]

2009 NFL Draft Quarterbacks

The 2009 NFL Draft is one-month away. I’ve been thinking a bit about what guys are the best of the best in their positions. Let’s take a look at the three top-rated quarterbacks who have a shot at having an impact in the pros. The top-three prospects look to be Matthew Stafford (Georgia), Mark Sanchez […]

Ten Quick Thoughts On A Sunday Night

1. Suck on that, Blake Griffin. 2. Roy Williams proved yet again how incredibly good he is. He and his staff had the Tar Heels as prepared as they possibly could have been for the Oklahoma game. The first half was as brilliant a defensive performance against a formidable foe as I have ever seen. […]

Thoughts on Two College Tournaments

One college tourney is on everyone’s mind; most TV sets are focused on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The Final Four are about to become a reality. This year’s Elite Eight had few surprises as it was composed of one through three seeds. Thus far, the Final Four includes Villanova and a TBA team and […]

Four Thoughts On A Saturday Night

1. Jay Wright is a very lucky man. He’s the coach of a Final Four team now, but he came very close to being second-guessed for the rest of his life. With his team clinging to a late two point lead with seconds to go, Wright made the very bold call for a home run […]

Friday Night Basketball

With the exception of the Michigan State win over Kansas that was one incredibly boring night of basketball. Sadly, neither of the early games were even remotely interesting. I had high hopes for Syracuse, and I thought Arizona was feisty enough to at least make it interesting, but they both fired blanks. The biggest conclusion […]

Four Games, Four Thoughts

1. Watching Purdue lose today was pretty decisive. I saw them play several times this year, and this game was pretty indicative of their season – they can be very good, but they can’t sustain it. Robbie Hummel’s night is a microcosm of their issues – Hummel had 15 points in the first seven minutes […]

It’s About Time!

A State Senator in New Jersey has sued the U.S. Justice Department seeking to legalize sports betting in the United States. Sports betting is only legal in four states, and just two states legally sanction it. This, to me, is a brilliant move, though one that is about 20 years too late. The biggest reason […]

Two Things Worth Doing

I snuck away with my wife and my dad for a few days a week ago to Phoenix and Las Vegas. I won’t bore you with a lot of details, but I do want to briefly reminisce about two very worthwhile destinations for sports fans: 1. Spring training. I went to spring training for the […]

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