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News, News and More News

There is an impressive amount of interesting news out there today. Let’s get to it: It’s official – Ken Griffey Jr. is a Mariner again. I thought for sure he was going to Atlanta, but it turns out he fooled everyone. The move makes sense for many reasons. First, he’ll finish his career out as […]

Guys You’ve Gotta Love

So, I’ve been thinking with all of the garbage you hear about guys in professional sports who are baby-cries, idiots and cheaters, there definitely are some players that you can’t help but root for. No, I am not nominating these guys for sainthood, but I am saying that they have character, a strong work ethic […]

Tuesday Notes

Kudos to Pitt. That certainly wasn’t the outcome I was expecting last night. I had grown to respect UConn, and I had grown to doubt Pitt. Oops. Pitt came into town playing a very rough and tough game, throwing themselves around like crazy. DeJuan Blair played as well as I have ever seen him, scoring […]

A Rare Racing Monday

I have a new crush, and the Derby trail has a new filly. A horse named Evita Argentina made her debut against boys in the San Vicente Stakes. It was a seven furlong race on the synthetic surface. For more than half the race Evita Argentina looked absolutely outclassed. She was no closer than nine […]

Sunday Notes

I just was looking at the Stanley Cup future odds. The Chicago Blackhawks are at 12/1. They are obviously a long way from a lock, but I like that price. At least in comparison to the other power teams in the conference I do – the Sharks and Wings have both looked vulnerable at time […]

From The Ridiculous To The Really Ridiculous

There are few things I take more pleasure in than watching Notre Dame fail. As a Michigan fan I don’t particularly have any love for the Irish to begin with. The general hatred has elevated to a whole new level in the Charlie Weis regime, though. I think it was a bad joke that they […]

Friday Notes

This Amare Stoudemire situation is very interesting. I was convinced that Miami was going to be his new home. I didn’t think that the Suns would be thrilled with getting Shawn Marion back, but they have no hope this season anyway, and his contract will be helpful in the massive rebuilding they are suddenly faced […]

This Would Make Me Very Happy

It’s not official yet, but it looks like Ken Griffey is heading back to Seattle to finish out his career where it started. From a baseball perspective or a betting one it probably won’t have much of an impact on the team. Personally, though, I couldn’t be happier. Allow me to be nostalgic for a […]


I obviously won’t believe it until the season starts next year, but the news of Brett Favre’s retirement has me positively giddy today. I’m excited for several reasons: 1. I don’t need to see a guy erode his legacy in front of our eyes when it is in his control to not do so. There […]

Tuesday Notes

I was worried for a while, but Marquette is finally living up to my expectations. They were the last team in the Big East to lose a game, but now that they have done it they seem to have developed quite a taste for it because they did it again. The first loss against South […]

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