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Merry Christmas

Have a very great Christmas. Eat too much turkey, revel in your gifts, and try not to let your family drive you crazy. All the best of the season!!!!

Dear Santa…

Santa, I have been a good boy this year, and I am certain that nothing but good boys and girls come to read this site. I’m sure you already know this, but Christmas is tomorrow. I can only assume that you are planning to come to my house tonight. I hope the freezing temperatures and […]

Tuesday Notes

$180 million over eight years for Mark Teixera?!?!?! I didn’t think that even the Yankees were that stupid. If he’s worth than then what are guys like Pujols or Howard worth? The Yankees seem determined to ruin baseball by brute force. Nick Saban was awarded coach of the year today. I still don’t like the […]

Should The Pats Trade Brady?

This is probably a ridiculous position, and I don’t really think I believe in it, but as I was watching Matt Cassel look like a superstar as he tore Arizona to pieces, I couldn’t help but think that maybe New England’s QB situation isn’t as straigh forward as it seems. Maybe they should do the […]

Gut Feelings, Part III

The last installment. These are the New Year’s Day games and beyond. Outback Bowl – Iowa -3. The Hawkeyes won five of six. South Carolina looked terrible in their last two, and they can’t stop the run. Gator Bowl – Nebraska +2.5. I love how Clemson turned their mess of a season around, but Nebraska […]

Gut Feelings, Part II

Same qualifier as last time – these are my picks, not official Maddux picks. They are also, as the name says, gut feelings, not carefully researched opinions. Independence Bowl – Louisiana Tech (even). Northern Illinois comes in winning just one of four. Louisiana Tech won four of five. They are just the better team, so […]

Gut Feelings, Part I

As I do every time I make any kind of prediction on this blog, I remind you that these are merely my opinions, and in no way do they reflect what the guys at Maddux think, or what their picks will be. There will almost certainly be disagreements between these and their picks, so when […]

10 Bowls Games That Make Me Giddy

I absolutely love bowls. People complain that there are too many, but I wish that there were more. As I’ve been looking over the bowls trying to get ready for them, some matchups have jumped out more than others. Here are the ten bowls, in order, that have me the most excited. Some won’t bethe […]

What We Learned Last Weekend

Now that we have had a few days to let it sit and percolate in our minds, let’s look back to see what we learned from last weekend’s mostly lackluster NFL games. 1. A lot of people are going to be concerned about my Buccaneers, but I’m not. Jeff Garcia wasn’t playing and they still […]

Tuesday Night College Football Notes

I’m going to leave he review of last weekend’s football action for one day because there is too much other news to talk about: 82 year old Joe Paterno, fresh off of hip replacement surgery, has a new contract extension for three more years at Penn State. There are literally dozens of ways a guy […]

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