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College Games To Watch – Week Four

I’ll admit up front that I am not that excited about this week. I always find that there is a bit of a lull in week four between the heat of the non-conference schedule and the heart of the conference schedule. That means that there are a lot of games this week that do little […]

Assessing the 0-2 Teams

If you guessed that today we would be looking at the 0-2 teams then give yourself a pat on the back. There are ten winless squads, and those range from the absolutely inevitable to the absolutely shocking. We’ll go alphabetically agan: Cincinnati – Let me say it yet again – Marvin Lewis is the worst […]

Bill Stewart is a Terrible Coach

The title says it all. That clock management in the last two minutes of West Virginia’s loss to Colorado was laughably bad. Stewart sapped the momentum from his team with his ineptness. The worst part is that they just signed him for six years so they are stuck with him. Good luck with that, Mountaineers. […]

Assessing the 2-0 Teams

Based on the title of this article a detective could probably figure out what we are going to look at tomorrow. Before then, though, let’s assess which of the 2-0 teams seem like they are for real, and which ones are lucky to be where they are. There are ten teams that have yet to […]

Stories About People

Stories about people are usually the most interesting parts of sports, and today we have all sorts of interesting people stories to keep us interested: I’m not surprised to hear that the Vikings have decided to put Tarvaris Jackson on the bench. He hasn’t been helping his team at all so far, and the team […]

Looking Ahead To Week 3/4 of Football

Time to look forward to what the football weekend has to offer again: Worst NFL game of the week – I was tempted to go with Kansas City ay Atlanta, because the Chiefs are awful and the Falcons aren’t ready for prime time yet. The Falcons should be able to run and score some points, […]

A Few Things On A Monday Night

Excellent defensive display in the NFC East tonight. The line movement was interesting in that one, especially on the total. Three quarters of bettors were on the over, yet the total opened at 48 and dropped down to 46.5 or lower. A move like that generally indicates either that either a good deal of smart […]

What I Learned This Weekend

The Pac-10 stinks. Sure, they have a ridiculously scary at the top that should cruise to an undefeated record, but beyond that there is pretty much nothing. All ten teams played this weekend, but only three won, and only two covered. The conference played the Mountain West four times this weekend, and neither won nor […]

Top 25 Games To Watch, Take Two

As we did last weekend, here’s a look at what I think are the most interesting top 25 games of the weekend. Not included on here is the obvious one – USC-Ohio State. If you’re not totally sick of hearing about that game by now then you are a better person than me. For the […]

Quick Hits

Greg Schiano should have taken one of the jobs he was offered before he quit looking like a genius at Rutgers. That loss to North Carolina last night was very, very ugly. Butch Davis is going to turn NC around, but not that quickly or dramatically. Until Beanie Wells steps on the field or the […]

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