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Sprinting to a Massive Payoff

I don’t mean to keep coming back to the Olympics when the football season is getting near, but there just keeps being interesting topics to consider. I promise I won’t talk about it anymore by next week. Anyway, I want to take a few minutes to talk about the sprints. The Americans have mostly been […]

Random Thoughts on a Thursday Night

I wrote a couple of days ago that I thought that betting on the 200m world record being broken at +200 was an attractive bet. Even though I had obviously thought about it happening, and even thought it could happen, I was amazed how thrilling it was to actually see it happen. Usain Bolt is […]

Back to Football

It’s time to move on from the Olympics and get back into what matters – football. We’ll find lots of different ways to look at things in the coming weeks, but to ease back into it lets take a quick survey of some of the interesting stories out there concerning the most over-watched and over-hyped […]

And We’re Back!

We’re back, and we’re hitting the ground running. We’ll be focusing heavily on football for the next while, but before we do I want to take a look at the Olympics before it is too late. I have very much enjoyed watching these games, and attempting to find attractive bets despite a level of knowledge […]

Taking a Couple Days Off

With preseason in full swing and the NFL and College football regular season right around the corner we have a little house cleaning to take care of.  Because of updating databases, getting some seasonal previews up, as well as handicapping the days card, blogging will have to take a back seat.  Daily blogging will resume […]

2008 Beijing Olympics Betting

The opening ceremonies got underway today which brings some good wagering opportunities for the savvy sports bettor. With wall to wall coverage from the NBC networks whether you are an Olympic enthusiast or just a casual fan, being able to bet on just about any event can make the Olympic experience more enjoyable. Everyone knows […]

Shockey Trade Boosts Saints Odds

Shockey Trade Boosts Saints Odds – Courtesy of our friends at Pinnacle Sports. Although Jeremy Shockey was dealt on July 21, it took a little time for the sports betting market place to catch up. We have noticed a shift in the season win totals and divisional odds on the Saints as has Pinnacle. With […]

It’s Finally Over!!!

I actually don’t believe that headline, but at least we have taken a giant step forward. In the last few minutes the news has broken that Brett Favre has been traded to the Jets. We will have to endure a few more days of drama as we hear how he feels about the move, as […]

Two Things Catching My Eye

Two things are catching my eye as I glance at the sports news today: The Olympics are now only three days away. I will be writing extensively about how to get some action down on them as they go on. For now, though, the biggest story is obviously the basketball – the Redeem Team. My […]

Hall of Fame Observations

Starting off the NFL season with a winning bet did little to change my mind about the Hall of Fame game – it was still a ridiculous, glorified practice that taught us little about the two teams. Things went pretty much as expected – Jim Zorn looked keen and eager to please, while Tony Dungy […]

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