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Sunday’s Happenings

Crazy, crazy, crazy game between Dallas and San Jose tonight. San Jose needed a win in game six to survive. It was tied at one after regulation, and still tied after three overtime periods. The fourth overtime was a farce. The players were so tired that they could hardly move, and I’m sure both teams […]

Post-Derby Thoughts

I could write a lot about that race, but I won’t. Instead, just two thoughts: Wow. Big Brown . Not more more to say. Unbelievable. I will either make a lot of money on this horse or lose it over the next five weeks, because there is no way I am betting on anyone else. […]

The Kentucky Derby is Tomorrow, and I Don’t Have a Horse

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, and I am of the firm and unwavering opinion that it is the greatest sporting event in the world. There is no event that is any harder to win, and no sport that involves more challenge, heartbreak, or excitement than the sport of kings. Don’t get me wrong – there […]

Avery Johnson – Falsely Accused

The Dallas Mavericks are out of the playoffs, and apparently it is all Avery Johnson’s fault. Mark Cuban is the kind of guy who needs someone to blame, and his head coach got to be the one. Johnson was fired this week just a day after the Mavs were bounced from the playoffs in the […]

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