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Checking In With The NHL

Now that the the Stanley Cup finals are just around the corner, people may actually start paying attention to Canada’s obsession. Hockey doesn’t get a lot of love, but this final should be enough to please even the most skeptical fan. Both Pittsburgh and Detroit are very good teams that are poised to entertain. As […]

American League Questions

With about 29 percent of the MLB season played, you’ve got to wonder about a few things. Let’s consider a few teams when it comes to the Junior Circuit.

Wednesday’s Quick Hits

Manchester United rules the European soccer world after taking the Champions League final today over Chelsea. If you are North American then chances are pretty good that you don’t care. This was a pretty spectacular game, though, or at least the finish was. They were tied at one after the 90 minutes of regulation and […]

Draft Lottery Helps Two Teams Significantly, Makes 12 Others Cry

Well, I know one thing with more certainty than I did a couple of hours ago – I like the Bulls next year. I liked them anyway – they were going to have a much better coach (presumably), and they have the talent to be reasonably competitive if they are healthy. Don’t forget, at the […]

Five Notes From Monday

Mondays aren’t supposed to be busy days on the sports front, but this one certainly was. Here are five things that caught my eye today: 1. It was covered here by someone else earlier tonight, but I have to touch on Jon Lester again. Impressive on a couple of fronts – Boston having two no-hitters […]

Red Sox Lester is the Bester

In his third year with the Boston Red Sox, John Lester, cancer survivor, threw a no hitter against the Kansas City Royals. It was the first no-no by a Beantown lefty in 52 years. Last season, Clay Buckholtz threw a no-no. Lester’s no hit game made Jason Varitek unique. Tek is the only MLB catcher […]

Preakness – Just Wow!

  It’s a long weekend up here in the Great White North, and I just got back into town, so I won’t take long here. I’ll get back to regular writing tomorrow, but today I am just trying to absorb what we witnessed yesterday at Pimlico. I love horse racing more than any other sport, […]

Seven Reasons To Bet Against Big Brown

I’ll say this right up front – I think that Big Brown is going to win the Preakness handily and I am going to bet accordingly. Just to be contrary, though, here are seven reasons why you could choose not to bet on him if you were so inclined. As an aside, I can’t help […]

Preakness Preview – Don’t Overthink It, Take Big Brown

If you haven’t been paying much attention to the lead up to the second jewel in the Triple Crown, everything you have missed can be summed up like this – There is one very good horse, two that might be alright, and a lot that have no business being in a race of this caliber. […]

Seven Random Things

Justine Henin retired suddenly yesterday despite the fact that she was number one in the world rankings. A couple of things arise from that. First, it’s sad where we have gotten to as a society of sports watchers – an athletes leaves suddenly and I can’t help but wonder what she was about to be […]

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