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Ten Things I Think I Know About The Baseball Season

Every year at this time I make a bunch of predictions about the baseball season as it gets underway. I focus on things that will impact the betting side of things, of course. I suppose that it is only fair to disclose that I am wrong more than I am right – predicting what will […]

Confessions of a Bracket Weenie

For the first time in the 20 or so years that I have been filling out a bracket I have all four Final Four teams. I should be proud of that, but all it really means is that I am a chalk-eating weenie. I did the ultimate newbie thing – take the number one seeds […]

Just One Question…

Will the last five minutes of a college basketball game ever be interesting or tense again? That’s eight of the last nine which have been over well before they have been over. Tomorrow, hopefully, is another day.

12 Quick Thoughts Heading Into Saturday’s Games

1. Davidson can beat Kansas, and it wouldn’t even be a massive upset. Heck, if I had to rank the eight teams in order of likelihood to win based on the way they are playing Davidson wouldn’t be at the bottom despite their seed. 2. Anyone who calls Davidson a Cinderella team deserves to be […]

Three Things We Learned on Thursday Night

The games on Thursday night weren’t entirely entertaining, and they weren’t too surprising, but they were educational. At first glance, three things pop into mind as I process what happened: 1. Xavier is for real – Xavier struggled in the second half, and they should have won their game against West Virginia easier than they […]

Ranking the Sweet Sixteen Games

It is a heck of a line-up of games we have to look forward to tonight and tomorrow night. There are only a couple that have a real risk of being duds, and several that could come down to the last second. Here is my ranking of the games in order of my level of […]

10 Questions Bouncing Through My Mind

As I sit here thinking about the tournament, and about the sports betting world in general, here are 10 questions that are bouncing through my mind: 1. Can Western Kentucky be remotely competitive against UCLA? – Their center is Jeremy Evans, a 6’9″ sophomore who weighs in at a whopping 190 pounds. Kevin Love is […]

Dirk’s Injury Leaves Dallas Hurting

I want to take a minute away from the tournament for a second because it is on hiatus and focus instead on the pros. One thing I am fascinated by more than almost anything in the NBA is the impact of serious injuries on a team from a betting perspective. Given that, what is going […]

Monday Tournament Hangover

After four long and intense days of watching college basketball I’m taking a bit of a break. I’m not burned out by any means – how can get you get burned out by something as great as college basketball. I just feel like the best thing for my intensity and focus is to take a […]

Three Things I Learned From The Tournament’s First Weekend

1. The Big East confuses the heck out of me – Coming into the tournament I felt reasonably confident that the Big East was the strongest conference. Now I’m not so sure. In some ways they have been better than expected, while in others they have disappointed. The Good – Villanova has been a pleasant […]

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