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CFB- Top Quarterbacks Who Can Make a Teams Season

The fact is that many NCAA football teams, like Notre Dame, Florida and Ohio State, have QB questions, having lost their top performing signal callers to the NFL and/or graduation.

MLB- Some Questions About the All Star Game

Here are two questions we should all ponder… okay—three questions.

MLB- Stupid Fans Have a Bond

Sorry, but whoever voted for Barry Bonds—one of the biggest cheaters in baseball history—are simply… well idiots.

NFL- Gruden and Garcia may be a Perfect Match

QB Jeff Garcia, an eight-year vet with 99 games under his belt, looks to be coach John Gruden’s signal caller. Over his career, Garcia has completed 60.9% of his throws for 20,385 yards. He’s thrown 99 TDs and 73 INTs with a rating of 86.4.

MLB- How is Clemens Doing

Roger Clemens has been through four starts and one relief appearance with the Yanks in 2007. The question is how’s the 44-year old, multi-million dollar vet doing? What sort of impact has he made?

MLB- Hargrove Resigns

Mike Hargrove has managed the Indians, taking them to two World Series (1995 and 1997), the Baltimore Orioles and presently the Seattle Mariners. Now in the midst if his 16th season, Hargrove has announced that he is resigning. The Mariners are presently enjoying seven-game winning streak and have gone 9- 1 in their last 10 […]

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