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NFL- Vick is One of Many

Michael Vick will most likely be in court for training camp. He’s facing federal charges of running a dog-fighting venue on his property. A conviction could bring him seven years in jail.

NFL- Vick and Culpepper

So, Michael Vick, the Falcons QB, has been indicted with three others on federal charges of running a dog fighting business out of him home. It’s alleged the sponsorship of dogfights started in 2001, the same year that he entered the NFL.

MLB- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Here are three pitchers who are in the news. They are the good, the bad and the ugly.

MLB- Tom Glavine Wins Number 298

One of the class acts of baseball, starting pitcher Tom Glavine, posted his 298th win on July 14, 2007.

MLB- NL West is Hot

Lot’s of folks are taking note and it is noted here today. The National League West has really improved as a division. It’s an exciting place to be these days—very competitive, with excellent pitching and four our of five teams that can make it into the playoffs.

NFL- Best Offensive Lines

A team’s offense is only as good as its offensive line. These unsung heroes of the gridiron are responsible for clearing the way for running backs, protecting quarterbacks and setting up highly complex scoring plays.

MLB- The Braves Surge

Well, things continue to be interesting in the Senior Circuit and one place is in the NL East as the Braves continue to put pressure on the division leading Mets. The Mets have three wins in their last 10 games, while the Braves have won six of their last ten. That means that Atlanta has […]

NFL- Colts go with Defense

Okay, we know that the Indianapolis Colts will pay for offense and now we know that they will award great “D� also. Defensive end and franchise player Dwight Freeney has inked a $72 million contract that includes a $30 million signing bonus! Holy Cow!

CFB- Weiss, Carroll and Saban

Okay, here’s the skinny (sorry for the pun Charlie Weiss). Weiss underwent gastric bypass surgery when he was with the New England Patriots and almost died after surgery. He took his doctors to court, claiming that they had messed up post-op care. But the trial ended up in a hung jury and Weiss, with no […]

NFL- What is New?

As we dash towards the 2007 NFL season, there’s certainly news to contemplate.

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