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NBA – James Does It

Okay—LeBron James was the man in the end, hitting a three and then a two. He scored the last 25 points for the Cavs and 29 of the final 30 Cavs’ points—48 in total! 48 in 51 minutes.

NBA – Detroit Falls to Cleveland Again

Okay, first here are two major mistakes by the Pistons.

NBA – Hughes Out? Cavs in Trouble

After winning game three, the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves in a dicey position due to a freakish injury to starting point guard Larry Hughes (14.9 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 3.7 APG, .333- 3-point). Hughes was not at the team’s shoot-around on Tuesday leaving doubts as to whether or not he’d be available for tonight’s tip-off at […]

NBA – James, James and James in Game Three

The venue switched from the Motor City to the Rockin’ Cleveland, and that seemed like the perfect place for the Cavs to be. LeBron James took his play before hometown fans to the level it must be at for Cleveland to have a chance against the finely tuned Pistons.

MLB – Red Sox Versus ?

Every baseball season is different and yet everyone seems to be the same. Especially in the American League East, where the Yankees tend to get off to a fairly slow start and then build momentum and the Red Sox hold onto first place until around July/August, only to falter and fall into second (and sometimes […]

NBA – Home Cooking Good the First Night

For the Utah Jazz and the Cleveland Cavaliers going home worked wonders. With both teams down 2 games to zip, each pulled off a victory. The Jazz beat the Spurs 109 to 83 in game three, using some excellent defense and finding the three-point mark. The Cavs managed to get by the Pistons 88- 82 […]

NFL – Will Moss Make the Difference?

The acquisition of Randy Moss by the New England Patriots surprised a lot of experts. Why? Well, Moss is not your typical Pat. Typical means a team player who doesn’t make a show of his greatness, who doesn’t complain, who plays by the company rules. The number one rule being—the game and game prep should […]

MLB – Yankees Slide May = Cashman’s Demise

The Yanks lost again today to the Los Angeles Angels, making them three and six over their past nine. Roger Clemens will start for AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre this Monday and George Steinbrenner is talking openly about the fact that GM Brian Cashman’s job is on the line.

NBA – Can There be a Pattern After Two Games?

Usually to have some sort of pattern you need a sequence of at least three. But after two games in each of the NBA’s conference final match-ups, there look to be some patterns emerging.

NHL – Ottawa Senators Versus Anaheim Ducks

So here we go. Neither team has ever won the Cup. Okay, cool. So, who is going to take it?

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