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NBA- Threes and Frees Could be the Difference?

There’s one team that leads the league in points per game, three-point shooting percentage, free-throw percentage and overall field goal percentage. That’s the Phoenix Suns.

NBA– Marion Leads the Suns in Consistency

The Suns’ swingman Amare Stoudemire leads the team with 20.5 PPG and is second in rebounds with 9.6 per game and second in blocks with 1.31 per game. Point guard Steve Nash is second in points with 18.8 per game and first in assists with 11.5 each game. He is the ultimate playmaker.

NBA- Kobe Bryant is Good Enough and Also NOT Good Enough

In his 11th season, shooting guard Kobe Bryant is having one of his finest seasons ever. He’s hitting 46% of his shots from the field and 34% of his threes. From the foul line, Bryant is putting in his best season ever, hitting 87%.

MLB- Teams that are NOT for Real

The fact is that the 162-game MLB season takes its toll very slowly. Top teams may slowly fall into third place and out of contention, while teams in third place may end up on top.

MLB– Is Atlanta for Real?

In the first week of the season, the Atlanta Braves went 7- 1. In those six wins they held opponents to a total of 14 runs (2.33 RPG). Their one loss was an 11- 1 debacle against the Mets.

NBA–Pistons Reach Half-Century Mark Again

With about one week left in the NBA season, it’s worth noting that the Detroit Pistons have managed to win 50 or more games in six straight seasons. In those six seasons the teams best record was in 2005-06 when they earned 64 wins and garnered 18 loses. They also scored an average of 96.8 […]

MLB– One Roll of the Dice Daisuke Matsuzaka

He’s the third starter in the Boston Red Sox’s rotation but he could be the team’s number one man. Daisuke Matsuzaka—a.k.a. Dice K—was impressive in his first MLB start going 7 innings, notching 10 strikeouts and giving up 1 earned run.

Chicago Bulls Steering Towards the #2 Seed

Despite having starting center Ben Wallace out with a sinus infection, the Bulls continued to perform well. They are the up-and-coming team in the NBA Central, vying against another team that had made big gains over the past two years—the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Pitching-in the AL Version

Okay, it’s really pitchers out. Starting pitchers out, that is. The Kenny Rogers deal is big, although the Tigers have depth in their staff. The Angels need to get both of their guns on track, although in such a weak division they can bide some time. Pettitte, like Johnson in the NL, should be a […]

Pitching In? MLB National League Starters Injured

With the start of the first week of the season, we find that there are 10 starters on a total of five teams that are injured in the NL. The teams with the biggest worries include the Diamondbacks (due to the importance and age of Randy Johnson and the nature of his problem—the back); the […]

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