American League Win Totals

Baseball season win totals have started popping up on sports books over the last couple of days. As I have said before, these are by far the most interesting of the season long props in my mind. Today I want to take a look at the American League for value opportunities, and I’ll follow up by looking at the National League tomorrow:

Cleveland Indians – 85.5
– I’d certainly jump on the under here. I don’t trust their rotation, I don’t love their depth, and frankly I have been burned by this organization before.  They are a contender in the AL Central, but it is a weak division this year. I don’t think that they will go under by a lot, but I think they will go under.

Kansas City Royals – 75.5 – I might be burned on this one, but I’d take the over. I like Alex Gordon and Billy Butler a lot, they added some needed power, and I am a big fan of manager TreyHillman. The biggest reason I am optimistic, though, is the rotation. I really like Zack Grienke and Gil Meche, and there are a lot of possibilities behind them. This team has a good shot at .500.

New York Yankees – 95.5 – I’d take the over on this one only because it can be had at a fat price – as good as +120. 96 wins is a lot, but they certainly have a good shot at it. Their rotation is as good as it has been for a long while, they have added some nice components, and they have cut some dead weight. Worth a shot.

Seattle Mariners – 72.5
– Call me a sucker, but I would take the over. Last year was very ugly, but they are a better team than that.Bedard and Hernandez both need to find their game, but they have as much talent as any one-two punch out there. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this team win 80.

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t list the Jays in there….? Under?

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