A Few Things Catching My Eye Tonight

The buzz has been around for a bit, but it really seems to be intensifying tonight – it seems like Tampa Bay is going to call up phenom pitcher and former number one pick for the post-season. Though he is a starter, he would likely start out in the bullpen much like Joba Chamberlain did last year. That worked out very well at the time (except for when there were bugs), and the same could happen for the Rays. They don’t really need rotation help right now, but another stud in the bullpen would really help. Apparently Price is doing very well in the minors and is more than ready for prime time. I think that the Rays are attractive anyway, but this helps even more.

I’ve given up trying to figure out the Tom Brady situation. Belichik et al claim he is just fie and will play against the Chiefs. Rumors won’t go away that he had an MRI recently and it showed that a bone in his foot is cracked. The truth is probably somewhere in between the two. At least we don’t have to worry about it too much in the first week of the season – the Pats could beat the Chiefs with me at QB.

Oklahoma City Thunder? Really? That’s the best you could come up with? Brutal. Awful. Boring. How uch do you think they paid AC/DC for the rights to use Thunderstruck? You know they did.

Giants-Redskins is not an exciting way to start the NFL season. Maybe it’s just my natural biases, but I can’t find a whole lot to like about either of these teams. The Giants are favored by four.

I’m watching the Jacksonville situation with interest. Richard Collier wasn’t a starter, but he was the lead guard backup for the team, and he was going to see a lot of playing time. Now he’s in a hospital fghting for his life, and the team has an issue to deal with. On a practical level, they lost some real depth on the line, and this will force them to juggle their lineup more than they would like to. That’s not the most important thing, though. More significantly, they don’t have long to get their heads right about the situation. It could be a real positive – something to rally around – if they handle t right, or it could be a major distraction that disrupts what looks to be a very promising season. I don’t have a sense of which is which yet, and we may not until they play their first game. Either way, this is a sad but interesting stuation.

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