A Couple of True MVPs

It’s impossible to have an issue with either of the MVPs named in baseball over the last two days. Rarely has the choice ever been so obvious in both leagues at the same time. The only shocking thing about it in the American League was that Joe Mauer wasn’t a unanimous winner. One moron didn’t vote for him – a Seattle voter who is actually in Japan. Do Minnesota games not get broadcast in Japan? Did Mauer’s stats not get translated into Japanese? The guy should have his vote taken away for clearly being incompetent. Worse than the fact that he didn’t vote for Mauer is that he did vote for Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera had a nice season and all, but he went quiet down the stretch when it mattered down the stretch, and he spend more time dealing with the cops than he did running the bases at the end of the year. Cabrera was good, but if you think he was better than Mauer then you are just stupid.

The scary thing about Mauer is that he’s only really just begun. He’s only 26 years old, so he’s got 5-10 years left in his prime. Guys typically aren’t even he best hitters they can be at 26, soMauer could get better from here. Wow. I like Mauer a lot, but he’s also the kind of guy who makes you want to throw up in your mouth a bit. In high school he was named national baseball player of the year by Baseball America and others in 2001 for his play both as a catcher and a pitcher. That same year he was also named the Gatorade Player of the Year for his play at quarterback on thefootball team. Oh yeah, he was also all-state as a point guard. The guy could have gone pro in at least two sports, he dates models, and he’s one of the top two or three ball players on he planet. It wouldn’t be hard to hate a guy like that.

As impressive as Mauer is, Pujols may be even more impressive. He’s only nine years into his career and he already has three MVPs. He’s one of only two players to have at least 100 RBIs in each of his first nine seasons. He’s the best all-round batter in the league, and he gets better the higher the stakes. Just think about this: he came to the plate with the bases loaded 17 times, and he got 10 hits, including five grand slams, and he piled up a total of 35 RBIs in those situations. That alone almost earned him his paycheck. Ridiculous. This may have been his best all-round season, and it is especially amazing when you think that he struggled with an elbow injury down the stretch and it obviously affected his power and caused him pain. He needed surgery after the season. Pujols wasn’t just deadly at the plate, either – he set an all-time record for assists by a first baseman. Like Mauer, Pujols is far from done. It seems like he has been around forever, but he’s only 29, so he has lots of prime years left – especially for a first baseman.

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