Welcome to the 2010-2011 NBA season preview from Maddux Sports.  This season we decided to post the preview onto the blog instead of the website.  This will make it easier for people to search our website that aren’t viewing this main preview page.  Listed below you will find links to all 30 teams sorted by conference and the division they play in.  All teams are listed in alphabetical order, not order of finish.

On each team preview you can get a look at each projected starter and their stats from last year.  We also provided some team specific stats in terms of what teams did well at as well as what they didn’t excel at.  We will give our prediction in terms of where they will finish in the division and a range to where they should fall in the conference and if they are going to make the playoffs or not.

While our website is handicapping related there isn’t a ton of betting specific information since plenty of non gamblers do read our previews each year because they are well written, provide quality information, and fairly accurate predictions.  With that being said there are little nuggets of information in there that handicappers can use in terms of a handful of teams that we feel are overvalued or undervalued to start the season.

There are also some stats in there that many of you may have never heard of.  We will explain a few of the common ones we use here.

Offensive Efficiency is points scored per 100 possessions.
Defensive Efficiency is points allowed per 100 possessions.
Pace Factor is the number of possessions per 48 minutes by a team.
PER is Player Efficiency Rating which is a per minute rating of a player.

Why do we do this you ask?  Because teams play at different speeds, using points scored and points scored is a flawed method to judge if a team is good at scoring the basketball or playing good defense.  All of our stats and ratings of teams are based on the number of possessions which normalizes the league putting everyone on a level playing field.  A good example of this is the Portland Trail Blazers who averaged 98 points per game last year which would put them as the 21st highest scoring team in the league.  A lot of people would think the Blazers offense wasn’t any good, but when you dissect this further you see that Portland games only averaged about 90 possessions per game which is about 5 less than the league average.  After adjusting for the slow pace of Portland games you can figure out that Portland actually had the 7th most efficient offense in the game.

Hopefully that helps explain things now lets get onto the previews.



Boston Celtics

New Jersey Nets

New York Knicks

Philadelphia 76ers

Toronto Raptors


Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

Detroit Pistons

Indiana Pacers

Milwaukee Bucks


Atlanta Hawks

Charlotte Bobcats

Miami Heat

Orlando Magic

Washington Wizards



Denver Nuggets

Minnesota Timberwolves

Oklahoma City Thunder

Portland Trail Blazers

Utah Jazz


Golden State Warriors

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Clippers

Phoenix Suns

Sacramento Kings


Dallas Mavericks

Houston Rockets

Memphis Grizzlies

New Orleans Hornets

San Antonio Spurs

Thanks for reading and if you are wagering on the games good luck this season.  We also remind you that we have been very profitable for our members with our NBA sports picks against the spread. The 2009-10 season was another successful campaign and this years figures to be another wallet stuffer, if you haven’t beat the books on your own, consider inlisting the services of a winning handicapper like Maddux Sports.

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