10 Reasons I Will Miss College Football

It’s all over. No more college football for almost nine months. Nine long, painful months. I’ll miss it. There are millions of reasons, but here are 10:

1. Good teams are often good bets. The final top five of the year is likely to be made up of Florida, Oklahoma, USC, Texas and Utah. Those teams are a combined 42-16-1 ATS, and that includes USC’s uninspiring 6-6 ATS mark. That’s a 71 percent win rate. What’s not to love about a sport where identifying the better team is often the biggest part of the battle.

2. More than 50 football games a week. If you can’t find a few that make you happy as a bettor then you shouldn’t be a bettor.

3. Ridiculous hype of players. I’m not saying that over-hype is a good thing, but it sure is fun to follow. Paying attention to which players are falling in and out of favor from week to week is better than any soap opera.

4. The ruthlessness of it. The Colts got off to a terrible start. They made the playoffs and their QB was the MVP. The Vikings were equally terrible at the start, and they won their division. Texas Tech loses one game and they were virtually disgraced and entirely written off. College football is intensity at the highest level.

5. The mistakes. The NFL can be boring at times because players are mostly good and mostly know what they are doing. College football offers many more mistakes, and a much wider gap between the good players and the bad ones. That lead to far more excitement.

6. The offense. Sure, you have games like the 3-0 Sun Bowl, but for the most part college football provides more scoring and more excitement than the NFL. All things being equal, I would rather see teams score.

7. The recruiting cycle. In the NFL player movement is a given, but it is unpredictable – players get cut, become free agents, get traded and so on. In college football you know that you are gong to have a player for three or four years. You also know that a senior is going to have to leave, so you can see how a team is working to replace him. College football’s player movement is more predictable and much more interesting.

8. The Bowls. 34 games in three weeks. In each game, the teams ave had weeks to get healthy and prepare for the opponent. Practically perfect.

9. BCS talk. I’m not particularly a playoff guy, but I am obviously in the minority. The lack of logic in a lot of arguments drives me insane, but having the arguments sure is fun. Even college football’s potential faults make things fun.

10. Overtime. The Chargers – Colts game is proof of how irredeemably stupid the NFL’s overtime is. College football’s approach isn’t perfect, either, but it is a heck of a lot more exciting, and way more fair.

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  1. The appeal of college football is rooted in the simple notion that your team represents you, your state, your alma mater, your youth. The NFL represents — what, exactly? A bunch of 25-year-old millionaires who will dump your town the minute their agent secures a better offer. There is no loyalty in the NFL. College football is all about loyalty. /Cool widgets at statbeast.

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