10 Questions Bouncing Through My Mind – Redux

This is the second week in a row that I have written this same type of article. It’s almost as if it is a recurring feature or something.

Here’s what is bouncing through my mind on this hump day:

1. Memphis is still favored? – I am shocked. It’s not that I don’t think that they should be – I have them narrowly favored to win it all. It’s just that I never thought that the public would go this way. It goes to show just how short the attention span of people is – a week ago Memphis was doomed and UCLA was the power.

2. Did Tom Crean get a huge raise? – I sure hope so. I understand the allure of a major program like Indiana, and I know that coaches have gigantic egos that will make them believe that they can do anything – including turning around a broken program. I just can’t imagine the headaches that he is exposing himself to by going from Marquette to Indiana. He probably has no returning starters, he may very well have sanctions to deal with, and his program is as tarnished as one can be. He’ll turn it around eventually, but not before he drives himself insane.

3. Sean Sutton ‘resigned’ from Oklahoma State? – I’m sure that that was a decision that he came to by his own free will. You’ll be able to knock me over with a feather if Bill Self ends up there.

4. What is wrong with the city of Miami? – It’s not just the Heat that are disgusting – The Marlins are a disgrace, too. Mark Hendrickson was their opening day starter. I am fairly surprised that he even made a roster, never mind that he is at the top of a rotation. Of course, you don’t get much when you are paying 33 players less combined than the Yankees are paying A-Rod. That is wrong on so many levels.

5. The Royals are 2-0 and the Tigers are 0-2?!? – Need any more proof that it is a long season and true trends take time to emerge?

6. Are the Mets doomed? Cursed? – Pedro Martinez left his first game with a hamstring injury. He needed the dreaded MRI. Fragility – that’s why I am not as high on the Mets as I am apparently supposed to be. Pedro is far from the only one on the team who is a longshot to last the season unscathed.

7. Did you see the display of closing power put on by the Cubs and the Brewers on Monday? – Both Kerry Wood and Eric Gagne were dishing up meatballs that I KNOW I could have hit. It was as bad as two pitchers not named Brad Lidge can look in their role. I sure don’t like the chances of either of those guys being the answer for their teams.

8. Can anyone get past Denver? – I sure like the Nuggets right now – They have won six of seven, they have a pretty easy remaining schedule, and they are currently in a playoff spot. If they can hold on, and I think they will, then they will be incredibly dangerous. I loved how they bounced back from a lousy loss to the Suns to beat the the next game. A.I. may be a freak, but he’s ridiculously good.

9. The closer I get to Saturday, the less I like Kansas – That’s not a question, just a statement of fact. They could certainly win, but they will have to really surprise me to do so.

10. Is Pau Gasol ready? – He’s not 100%, but he is due back tonight. Think maybe Kobe is just a little happy about that? The last ten days have not been pretty for the heroes of Hollywood.

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