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Betting Exchanges are a fairly new addition to the Betting Industry. Betfair, the worlds largest Betting Exchange allows punters to bet against each other. Punter A takes the side of the backer, and backs the outcome to win, person B takes the side of the layer, and lays the outcome to lose. Thus eliminating the need for a bookmaker decreasing the vig the player pays.

Betting Exchanges are classed as Person to Person or P2P platforms. This is because you are betting against another person. (You never know the identity of the other person you are betting against).

You decide on the outcome of your chosen event, take a position on that event, you place your money down on the betting exchange and wait for another person to come along and bet against you. If you picked the correct outcome, you win, if you chose the incorrect outcome, you lose. The same as in any betting situation.

In the past, bets could only be placed with or against a bookmaker, The bookmaker generally had an advantage over the average punter and had more knowledge and experience in the industry. Over the long term they won. Now with the advent of Betting Exchanges, the tables have turned and now the punter has a better chance of winning long term.

There are plenty of a niche websites that educates backers and layers on how to trade on the betting exchanges similar to the stock market, visit them for Betting Exchange trading information.

As there are always fluctuations in the price, bets can be bought for one price and sold off for a higher price leaving you with a guaranteed profit no matter what the outcome!

The difficulty most betting exchange traders face is knowing which direction the market is going to go and the factors that influence the prices in a sporting event.

Since Betfair started, the betting exchanges have grown quickly, over 12000 new Betfair accounts are opened each month, competition has started to heat up, people are turning to Betfair to help them leave their day jobs. Automatic betting exchange bots have been built to automate a traders movements, and systems, and tuition guides have been developed to help people further their knowledge on the subject.

Over the years other sportsbooks have branched out and opened up their own betting exchange websites with matchbook being the top exchange for US players. Betfair doesn't allow US residents to play with them. Within 3-5 years expect platforms like this to take over the US sports betting market giving players the ultimate advantage of playing against one another laying less juice than betting at a normal sportsbook.

Maddux Sports hopes this helps our readers explain betting exchanges. We are here to help anyone who is interested in the topic of Trading or would like to learn more about Betfair and the Betting Exchanges.


Sports Betting Information

We have plenty of sports betting information at and we have listed a portion of it below. Read up on all you can so you have the greatest advantage over the bookmaker this season! We have recently started to offer tennis, nascar, and golf wagering guides so we are currently working on writing up more articles on those small market sports and will include them to this section.

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