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2007 NFL Draft

The 2007 NFL draft is upon us (Saturday April 28th) and this is the time of year where all NFL fans and executives have hope to make it to the superbowl.

A successfully NFL draft can take teams who were on the verge of the playoffs the season before to a superbowl contender. Just as teams that were rebuilding can become a playoff caliber type football club with some wise draft choices.

Because the 2007 NFL draft is a vital role to determining how teams will do against the NFL point spread, we at Maddux Sports are avid draft followers and have decided to let the public in on our 2007 NFL draft preview. As we have done the last 3 years we will be providing draft coverage on all 32 teams.

We will also be providing daily articles about top players, mock drafts, top picks, draft predictions, and recaps of each teams selections. Bookmark this page so you have all the draft info at your fingertips.

Remember that maddux sports is the leader in NFL handicapping, our experts consistently beat the NFL point spread season after season and will once again be offering NFL picks for the 2007 season. Be sure to take advantage of the early bird special and use maddux sports' handicapping advice to make you a winner in 2007!

2007 NFL Draft Articles Coming Daily

Each team is broken down with a little one sentence teaser. Click on the link of the teaser to read up that particular team.

The Redskins year after year trade away picks for veterans and jepordize their future. Will the Washington Redskins strike a deal to acqure more than the 4 draft choices they currently have?

The Titans have d-line issues, no starting running back, and corner back issues, what area will Tennessee address first?

Best player in the draft could fall into Tampa's lap at number 4, will they take him or trade out of the position?

What do the Seahawks need to do to get back to the Superbowl like they did in 2005? Read our Seattle draft needs column.

8 picks in the first 3 rounds for the rising San Franciso 49ers. Will San Fran get enough to be playoff bound in 07?

The most talented regualr season team in 2006, what do the Chargers need to take it to the next level and reach the superbowl?

Tory Holt and Issac Bruce are getting up there in age, but he Rams should be thinking something other than wide reciever in the first round. See who we project St. Louis will go after.

After failing to qualify after winning the super bowl, what does Pittsburgh need to get back to that level? Read the Steelers preview.

Eagles team looks solid on paper and has just a few minor holes, what do they need? Maddux Sports has the answer in our Eagles draft outlook.

It would be tough for Al Davis to screw this one up. Russell, Quinn, or Calvin Johnson? See who we project they take in the Oakland Raiders draft preview.

Eric Mangini is defensive first guy, will the Jets go with his strategy and take a cornerback in the first or look for someone else?

Tiki Barber has moved on to diferent means, Brandon Jacobs is a solid addition but should the Giants look for a change of pace back like Tiki early?

The Saints were fortuate enough to have Reggie Bush land in their lap last season. Will another team help them out again this year? Read what maddux thinks about the New Orleans Saints.

Already done a ton in the offseasn the Patriots look like the team to beat in the AFC in 2007. What will Belichick and company do to solidify that stronghold on the AFC foes.

The Vikings have missed Randy Moss since his departure. Will Minnesota use that first pick on a wideout to finally fill the void? See what the Vikes need to get back on top of the North division.

The Dolphins have not done well drafting the last few years and it is a big reason why they haven't been to the playoffs. Will this year be different, read up on the Miami Dolphins draft preview.

Jacksonville has done one of the best jobs in the last 5 years evaluating draft talent and putting together an overall quality draft portfolio, what draft needs do the Jags have in 2007?

The Chiefs have been at the oppostie end of the specturn in terms of draft grades. Will they improve this year? Read the Chiefs draft preview.

Fresh off a superbowl win the Colts need to a solid draft class to stay on top. Read the Colts draft preview.

Houston blew it last year and passed on Reggie Bush, will they make more mistakes or will the Texans have a solid draft?

Favre is back for 1 more year, and we expect the Green brass to draft him some weapons to pad their offensive arsenal.

Same terrible GM for another draft, the question isn't will he screw it up but how will Matt Millen screw up this draft for the Detroit Lions.

Broncos bareley missed the playoffs in 2006. A good draft class will propel Dever back into the playoffs. Read the Denver draft preview.

Tony Romo looks to erase last seasons demortalizig loss in the playoffs. See who the newcomers are to help him in the Dallas draft outlook.

Cleveland has made a ton of free agent moves in the offseason and playoffs are now a realistic opportunity with a decent draft. See who the Browns will take with the 3rd pick.

The Bengals will be looking for high character draft picks so their team can stay out of trouble. Read who maddux thinks they should select in the Bengals draft preview.

The Monsters of the Midway were so close to winning a championship. Pretty much the whole team is coming back, but a draft day deal for Chicago with the Redskins is rumored.

The Panthers have done very well with their 1st round selections, but the rest of the draft picks for the most part have been busts the last 5 years. Maddux weights in with some can't miss draft picks for the Panthers in the Carolina Draft Preview.

The Ravens dumped Jamal Lewis and grabed Willis McGahee from the Bills. Is this enough to put the Ravens into the superbowl? Probably not, but they are not far away and picking up a couple of these players in the Ravens draft outlook, and we could see Ray Lewis and company back in the big game come Februar.

Will the Bills trade up from 12 to aquire Adrian Peterson to fill the running back void, and if not what will Buffalo do? Maddux has your answer in the Buffalo Bills Draft Preview.

Atlanta stuck a deal with Houston which incluced moving up 2 spots i in the draft to number 8. What will the Falcons do with that 8th pick?

As always the first Team we are covering is the hapless Cardinals. Read our report on Arizona in the 2007 Arizona Cardinals Draft Outlook.


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